Help Me Improve My Motivation Videos

Improve My Motivation Videos

My Clint Cora Motivational WebTV series will be hitting a milestone of some sorts early this year.  I will be converting over to a better video editing software program called Final Cut Express to produce new episodes and add that to perhaps a little better in camcorder technique, especially from a lighting point of view, you should be seeing slightly better picture quality in the future motivation videos.

Therefore, I thought that this would be a great time to also get feedback on how to improve my motivation videos in regards to content as well.  So I’ve put out a simple, quick four question survey that will ask about what you think about average time length, delivery options and improvement areas.

Quick Survey On Motivation Videos

This survey is again, really easy and will probably take only 2-3 minutes to do.  If you have been watching any of my Motivational WebTV episodes, I would really like your input so that I could help make the overall viewing experience better for you.

After all, I want to produce Motivational WebTV in a way that you want to see it, not necessarily what I want to put out.  The input I collect will be compiled and I will do a summary of all the responses in the future.  I will of course try to implement all the patterns in the responses as best I could to bring you a better Motivational WebTV series.

If you want to review any past episodes first, all of them are at my motivation videos archive.  These episodes are the same ones my viewers receive via email and the ones I post on Facebook although the versions alerted by email might be slightly better picture quality since they are generally the original video files.  I tend to upload compressed file versions to Facebook since their video uploader has been sketchy for larger files.

Here is the link to the quick Survey On Motivation Videos.

Thanks for your input in advance!


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