Has Business Motivation Decreased At Your Company?

This has certainly been another tiring and difficult year for many companies out there as we finish another year of recession.  Have you noticed a decrease in business motivation at your company in 2009?  If so, it’s not surprising.  When things get tough, among some of the first items on the budget chopping block are training, meetings and pretty well anything that was intended to motivate company staff.

Such expenditures are considered luxury items by many senior management as they cut down to brace the company through turmoil.  But we can all see the effects on staff and possible decrease in the quality of work produced as a result of these specific budget cuts.  Perhaps management should re-evaluate which items to further cut in 2010.  I would suggest that business motivation should not be further compromised for the good of the company’s future.

See my full article discussing the importance of business motivation for companies.

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