Group Work Part Of Full Day Personal Development Seminar

#personaldevelopment #hr #humanresources  —  I’m tweaking the slides presentation part of my full day Personal Development Seminar that I will be conducting next week for a company up in Brampton, Ontario.  It is an intensive six hour day (well, one hour is hopefully for a relaxing lunch) but the entire time will not be allocated just for me to speak to the audience.  Instead, there will be lots of group work involved in this full day program.

Too often, people do not get to have others to bounce ideas off of and to get some valuable feedback for their personal development plans.  So this seminar is a great opportunity to do just that as I divide people into small groups of four to five people.

Throughout the day, there will be alternative periods of my presentation, discussion with the entire audience and group work.  This makes things extremely interactive so that the seminar is not purely lecture style.

When people are left on their own for personal development, sometimes there is a lack of good ideas or approaches for their goals.  Therefore, quite often people do not achieve their goals because there is a lack of outside feedback to help push things forward.

With small groups, there can be useful dialogue and discussion to help stir up or brainstorm new ideas for specific goals that individuals may have.  The immersion of outside ideas from others can help move your own personal development plans forward much faster.

That is why I’ve added the group work concept into my full day seminars.  Plus it helps break up the day as the activities are varied for the audience.  This helps help seminar attendees fresh and active throughout the day.

If your group or company is keen on holding a personal development day, consider my full day seminar as I even have an example agenda schedule of how such a day would go on my website. Just go to Personal Development Seminar for information.  This is an extremely interactive, fun day with lots of group work involved.

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