Going Through Best Self Help Books

#selfhelp #personal development  —  I believe in reading on a continuous basis for my own personal development and have made a commitment to go through some of the best self help books out there.  Over the last several weeks, I read ‘The Amazing Millionaire Formula’ by Andrew Skelly and ‘The Facebook Era’ by Clara Shih.

I do consider ‘The Facebook Era’ to be somewhat of a self help book because in my case, I want to learn a lot more about social media and it is one of the many books out there on the topic.  It covered not only Facebook, but Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace and quite a few of the lesser known sites and applications in social media.

The next book on my best self help books reading list is ‘Guerrilla Negotiating’ by Jay Conrad Levinson, Mark S.A. Smith and Orvel Ray Wilson.  The tagline on the book’s cover is ‘Unconventional Weapons and Tactics to Get What You Want’.  This book is yet another from the bestselling Guerrilla Marketing series.

I have to admit that out of all the titles out there, I probably wouldn’t have picked this particular one up but since it was given to me at a conference, I thought that I might as well read it and see if I can pick up any useful points.  I figure that if I pick up just one or two points, it would be worthwhile going through the book.  And since I have enjoyed reading previous books from these authors of the Guerrilla series, I would imagine that this would be a decent read.

On a similar note, I’m ecstatic that a few individuals have considered my own title, ‘The Life Champion In You’, to be among their list of best self help books.  I’m truly honoured to have made the contribution to the self help genre.

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