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Interesting Global Diversity Video

Here is a really interesting video I found as an example of global diversity especially for those of us in the western world.  As you might know, historically there have been tensions between India and Pakistan for many years.

India Pakistan Border Closing Ceremony

At one particular border crossing between India and Pakistan, there is actually a border closing ceremony each night and the border guards who perform it from both sides seem like they try to outperform the other side.

One of my Indian friends told me that the choreographed sequences of the ceremony show the aggression between the two countries in a theatrical way.  If you see the video, one nice gesture that is captured is the handshake between one of the border guards from each country near the end of the ceremony just before they close the gates.

My Global Diversity Exposure Increased

All these years, I never knew such a border ceremony existed so my own global diversity exposure has certainly been increased by this discovery of the video.  It brings me to wonder how many other international borders out there would also be places where they can have ceremonies like this one too.

Here is the video of the India Pakistan border closing ceremony;

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