Global Diversity At Multicultural Festival Carassauga – Motivational WebTV #11

Global Diversity At Multicultural Festival

One of the best ways to increase your exposure to diversity is at festivals and this is an important topic area for success these days.  Our communities are getting more diverse each year and it can become real great opportunties for success if you look at diversity in a real positive way.  I went to two different multicultural diversity festivals this weekend to get my global diversity fill, one called Carabram in the neighbouring town of Brampton and the Mosaic Festival which showcases south Asian cultures here in my hometown of Mississauga.

At the Carabram multicultural festival, the highlight for me was attending the Myanmar pavilion since I was especially invited by my friend Ame who was a volunteer there.  I got to learn about her country’s development over the years and how people like her decided to leave the country formerly known as Burma due to the unstable political military government.  It was very interesting to hear about such stories from somebody who experienced these firsthand.

There will be cultural festivals with much more global diversity pretty well each weekend here in the Mississauga and Toronto area all summer long but the event that started the season off in my opinion is the big event back in May which is Carassauga.  Carassauga is an annual huge multicultural diversity festival which showcased over 60 different countries.

Carassauga Festival With Global Diversity On Video

Below are many video highlights from Carassauga this year in the latest episode of Clint Cora Motivational WebTV since I tie in cultural festivals with global diversity.

Multicultural festivals like Carassauga are one of the most effective diversity tools because they help people bridge cultural gaps with each other.  Being exposed to each other’s cuisine, arts, music, dance and other cultural components only help to gain understanding and appreciation of each other’s differences.  This is important in multicultural global diversity.

As you can see from the video highlights, Carassauga was a very entertaining three days here in Mississauga and for the $10 admission fee all weekend, it can’t be beat.  I made a point of attending every single pavilion to get exposed to as many different cultures as I can in the name of diversity.

If you don’t have any such multicultural festivals where you live, maybe you can help organize one even if it’s on a much smaller scale compared to Carassauga.  This gives people who are different, a chance to expose their cultures in a positive way and for all others to learn.

I hope you enjoy the Carassauga cultural festival highlights and I welcome any comments on this video and multicultural global diversity below.  If you missed past episodes, see them at the Clint Cora Motivational WebTV archive.

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  • heather

    Great Video! I wish I had known about Carassauga in time to actually attend. I’ll be marking my calendar for it for next year for sure.

    There is a much smaller but similar festival in Brantford called International Villages Multicultural festival that is worth checking out. Unfortunately it was LAST week ….unfortunate because I missed it that is 🙂

  • Yes, Carassauga is the biggest one even though it has already been scaled down a bit compared to previous years. The City of Mississauga has been promoting the event with signs all over town prior to the event. Although the attendance is always great, I’m also always surprised on how many people I personally know, did not go!

  • Hendrina

    This is superb,its a great video.We normally have annual cultural festivals here in Africa but I have learnt a lot on this one.Wish I can make it for the next one.

  • The African pavilion at Carassauga was very popular and is usually voted as one of the top pavilions from the festival. This particular festival is on every May.

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