Full Day Motivational Personal Development Seminar

Since there is demand from the corporate sector, I am now offering a full day motivational personal development seminar based on my book ‘The Life Champion In You‘. ┬áPreviously, only the hour long keynote presentation was available but I have developed a six hour agenda with a 60+ page action planning seminar guide to go along with it.

A full description of this intensive motivational seminar as well as a sample agenda schedule are at Personal Development Seminar.

At present, this full day seminar is being offered only to corporations and organizations rather than the public.

I do hope to offer this seminar to the public in the near future since there has been demand from individuals as well for such a program.  There are much more logistical factors involved for public seminars so this will take some time to iron out although the program itself is already developed.  Stay tuned for future details and if you have any initial thoughts, please comment.

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  • Heather Smedley

    Looking forward to seeing this “go public”. It is something I DEFINITELY would be interested in attending, depending on where you were going to hold it.

  • Personal development is one of those areas that allow us to increase our value and turn our lives around.

  • I’ve spoken in Ireland before. If you ever need a guest speaker for an event there, I would be open to returning.