Found A Great Free Screen Capture Program For Mac

#mac #camtasia — I thought that I would do my part to help out my friends online who happen to do computer presentations that require a screen capture program.  Of course, Camtasia has been the gold standard for many years in the PC world.  But when I switched over to Mac, I lost the use of this nice program since it doesn’t work with Macs.

PowerPoint has a function that saves timed slide shows to a Quicktime .mov file. I tested this and while the timings of each slide were preserved in the resulting .mov file, all the transitions within each slide and the entire audio did not transfer over.

This was quite disappointing and other users in online forums also expressed this same problem.  So I had to look for a screen capture program much like Camtasia that works in the Mac world.

I stumbled upon a screen capture program called Jing.  I tried it out since it was compatible for Mac.  It worked well except the free version has a limit of five minutes which would not be practical at all for me.

I then found an online screen capture program called ScreenToaster which is for free and this program worked great.  I was able to download the resulting file right into a Quicktime .mov file online.  There was no time limit either.

So from now on, anytime I need a screen capture program, I’m going to use ScreenToaster.  I just used it to do an updated version of my pharmaceutical sales careers webinar since I wanted to do one with better sound quality than the original version.  ScreenToaster worked great for this.

Camtasia is great.  But for Mac users, we unfortunately do not have access to it.  So if you are in this category and need a screen capture program, check out ScreenToaster.

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  • Hi Clint – thanks for your kind words about Camtasia Studio and Jing! We recently came out with Camtasia for Mac and would love to hear what you think. A 30 day trial is at:

    Have a great day!

    Daniel Foster
    New Media Specialist

  • Thanks for letting me know. I’m sure that Mac users will be happy about this.

  • thanks helpfull.

  • Unfortunately, this tool may have since gone offline.