Find The Best Time Of The Day That Works

One of the tricks to getting specific things done is to make sure that you do them at the best times of the day that works for you … for those specific tasks.  For example, just because some people exercise in the morning, doesn’t mean that I will be able to as well.  I’m not a morning exercise person as I prefer late afternoons.  Some people like to read first thing in the morning.  I tried but failed.  But I am successful when I schedule in my reading time just before going to bed.

One peculiar experience I had involved my exercises for my abdominals.  I hate doing ‘ab work’.  In fact, even during my regular workouts, I would often skip ab work. But I know they are important for overall fitness.  So I found out that if I do my ab work separately from my regular workouts, I will actually do them.  In fact, the optimal time for me to do ab work is just before lunch.  Somehow, I’m motivated to do ab work at that time because for some reason, I’ve adopted the position that if I don’t do them, I won’t be allowed to have lunch.  Of course, this is just my own weird way of justifying things but it does seem to work for me now.

This example is so weird that I may try to turn it into a future issue of my Motivational Quotes Success Newsletter, if I can find a quote to go along with it.  So overall, especially if you have a task to do which doesn’t come easy, find the best time of the day which may turn out to be the most optimal for you for that task.

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