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Inspirational Speakers Feedback

I did my ‘Kick Down Diversity Barriers For Success’ talk the other week and several folks from Scotiabank were present.  They came specifically to hear my diversity strategies and how they can be used successfully in the work environment.  This was of particular interest to the bank managers since they are seeing lots of diversity in their industry and workforce.

Here is Kathy Boyle, Branch Manager of Scotiabank, commenting about the diversity strategies from my talk.

“Clint is a very inspirational speaker.  He has the skill to use the right balance of personal experience and humour to engage the audience and add credibility.
His wide accomplishments inspire and challenge you to do better. I particularly enjoy how he involves the audience by posing questions and inviting them to participate. He has a natural ability to make you feel comfortable.”

Kathy further adds specifically to the diversity talk itself.

“I particularly enjoyed his talk on diversity, as there were some area’s I had not considered. I liked the fact he also provided some examples of how we can use these differences to enhance our business relationships.”

Diversity Strategies Available For Business And Personal Life

The reality is that the diversity strategies I talk about can be available for both business and personal life.  The concepts are the same for both.  I’m one of the odd inspirational speakers who also happen to have a full diversity talk available as these are my two chosen topics to specialize in.  I’ve even presented both my diversity and motivational talks within the same event at times.

For more information on my diversity presentation as well as my inspirational speakers program, see my Corporate Speaking Programs section.  Then the presentations are further divided by the type of audience that you may have since there are some slight variations for each crowd.

inspirational speakers diversity strategies
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