Exposure To Inspiring People Part Of Personal Development

#personaldevelopment #inspiration #inspirational  —  To me, getting exposure to inspiring people is a part of personal development.  Seeing and hearing about other people who are doing great things just inspires us to grow as well.

Inspiring people do not have to be in the form of celebrities or even people who have done some really awesome things that would seem almost impossible for the rest of us.  Inspiring people can be unknown, everyday people like you and me just forging ahead to do better in life.  This makes achieving our goals seem that much more feasible when we see other common folks making it happen.

I’m so excited to be launching the first new episode of Clint Cora Motivational WebTV this coming week that will feature my first guest star.  I want to start having guest appearances in some of my shows not just for added variety but to also show that a lot of people who are not celebrities, are doing some really cool things in life by taking some of the personal development principles that I talk about to heart.

They are people who are using the various tools that I describe in my Motivational WebTV series, in my book The Life Champion In You and during my live motivational talks.  They are folks just like you and I who are getting great results in life.  I want to showcase some of the things that they have achieved and they will be interviewed by me as well.

Their examples have certainly inspired me for my own personal development and I think they will inspire you as well.  They will be a very interesting mix of people from different backgrounds and their examples will be equally diverse.  So watch out for them in future episodes from time to time starting with the new one coming out later this week with my first guest star interview for your personal development.

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  • What do you think makes a person inspiring? Is it what they do, how they say it or how well they’re able to affect change in the person/people they’re conversing with?

  • For me, a person is inspiring if they do something that is admirable. They have done something to make the world better or something that in turn motivates me to do better.