Expanded My Comfort Zone Again As A Personal Victory

Today was a day of personal victory for me.  I talk about comfort zones a lot during my motivational talk (as well as a bit in my diversity presentations too).  I also dedicate a lot about this topic in my personal growth book, The Life Champion In You.

Although I’m a Level 2 certified ski instructor here in Canada, I don’t have a lot of experience skiing bumps or moguls and I actually use to shy away from them.  However, I made it a ski goal to be able to at least ski bumps well.  So this required a major comfort expansion for me.

Today, I attended an all day training module with 58 other certified ski instructors to train specifically on bump skiing.  I got more comfortable and more efficient with the bumps on the mountain as the day went on, thanks to great coaching from senior instructors.  In fact, I have never skied so many bumps on a single ski day so it was really a true personal victory for me.

This day illustrates a lot of success concepts that can be applied to everyone, even non-skiers.  Not only does it illustrate comfort zone expansion, but also involves using groups to achieve some of your goals as well as the confidence that is transfered to other areas in life.

I will definitely turn this personal example into a worthy lesson to be expanded further in a future newsletter, audio podcast as well as Clint Cora Motivational WebTV episode.  I’m going back to the ski slopes on Monday to take some photos of bumps (or even video) to show viewers what bumps actually look like.

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