Email From High School Student Who Heard Me

I don’t speak at too many high schools or youth groups but since I do have a separate youth talk just for that age group, I will consider doing them from time to time.  Several weeks ago, I spoke at a local school in my area upon their request and I received an email from one of the students.

“Ever since you gave a motivational talk at my school, ISNA High School and ever since I read your inspiring book, I have come to believe that you are a leader, and that by taking you as an example & learning from you, I, too, can achieve.  With much respect & admiration,”

Sheri Soliman, ISNA High School, Mississauga

Knowing that I have helped such students as Sheri make doing these youth talks that much more worthwhile for me.  So I’ll continue to do such youth talks at high schools and youth conferences if asked to do so.  Full description of my youth talks are at my website.

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