Dog Grooming Pro On Motivational Self Help Book

#selfhelp #motivational   —  It’s interesting how people from all walks of life and different professions have come to hear my live talks as well as read my motivational self help book ‘The Life Champion In You’.  Part of my own education is to hear how they apply the success principles from my book into their own lives and work.  One reader and past attendee of one of my talks was Bill Martin who happens to be a professional dog groomer.

He and I met a few times after my initial talk when he first heard me.  He told me about how the principles in the book relate to the type of work he does which is dog grooming.  He and his wife run a dog grooming business in Ontario and he even drives a truck with graphics of two shih tzu dogs on the doors.  Of course, I just had to ask him about these since I own two lhasa apso dogs myself.

It was interesting to hear him talk about dog grooming and the skills he had to learn in order to become a professional dog groomer.  This will be of interest to all pet owners especially since we recognize the skill that groomers must have in order to do what they do with all sorts of different dogs of different breeds and sizes.

Of course, I took the opportunity to pick up a few tips of dog grooming from him as well so that I can apply these with my own two dogs.  But what you will hear in the video below is how he relates developing these dog grooming skills with my principle of comfort zone expansion in order to develop skills in any area of life that you want to improve in.

It was very interesting to know that the skills that are specific to Bill’s trade includes being able to groom the dogs without hurting them.  This is something I should certainly learn since I have been known to accidentally clip a bit too deep with my dogs.  Good thing they are both quite forgiving!

Anyway, take a look at what Bill has to say since it is quite interesting to hear somebody from a very unique profession talk about what he got out of my book.

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