Do You Have Action Plans For Yourself?

#success —  Quite often, we hear companies and organizations develop and follow corporate action plans.  Sometimes these are known as plan of action or POAs for short.  These are effective ways for companies to map out strategies over time for business success.

I recall when I was in the pharmaceutical industry as a product marketing manager, I created annual plan of action documents for each product I managed.  These would be approved by senior management and then I would present them to the entire sales force at a big meeting usually during the beginning of the year.

Both the marketing and sales departments would then follow the plan of action for each product line as a guide for the entire campaign.  Action plans were great to help keep on track in business.

Since action plans are so effective in the business world, why not use them for our own personal lives?  This is what I wondered many times during my business career.  So I decided to use a form of action plans for myself in my personal life.

Our personal lives including our relationships, health as well as our careers all require some sort of plan of action in order to achieve success.  Life is often busy enough these days and action plans just help us stay focused on what we want to achieve as well as the steps towards achieving our goals.

The main tools described in my book The Life Champion In You were developed to create and monitor plan of action systems for yourself.  We can’t achieve success by doing nothing.  We have to take appropriate action.  Action plans help you determine what specific types of action to take and also give them a time line so that you can be on track.

So now that we are in the spring of 2010, New Year resolutions have probably been long forgotten and abandoned by many people.  So it’s time to ask ourselves, do you have action plans?  If not, then it’s definitely time to create one and have a plan of action for yourself in order to help you achieve the success in your life that you deserve.

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