Human Diversity Training Usually First Time For Executives

Human Diversity Training

I presented my human diversity training program ‘Kick Down Diversity Barriers For Success’ again this morning for a group of executives from various industries ranging from IT to transportation to pharmaceuticals. Like many business executives I’ve presented to, this was the very first time they had received any diversity training of any kind. Of course, they all admit that this is an important topic for today’s workplace no matter which industry they are in.

HR people tell me that one of the biggest challenges of human diversity especially in a region like southern Ontario where the working environment is so diverse, is that as companies become more diverse, human diversity becomes difficult to manage.  It is really important to maximize the effectiveness of company staff and part of the key these days is with diversity training among employees and management.

I have compiled a collection of useful human diversity articles at my website.  Feel free to check them out as they give you some nice background information on important concepts with diversity.

Human Diversity Training Programs

More details about my keynote as well as half day seminars available for companies and organizations are at diversity training.

human diversity training
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