Workplace Diversity Training Feedback From Executive Network

Workplace Diversity Training

Here is Jim Geraghty, President of Canada’s largest executive network, commenting about my workplace diversity training presentations to their various chapters over the last couple of month.  Part of his comments were;

“Clint was very dynamic in his presentation and was able to illustrate how if one embraces diversity in the workplace, that one can actually be more valuable to an organization.  The feedback we got from all our members were fantastic.  We highly recommend that you bring Clint in to talk to you about the benefits of diversity within your company.”

Video footage of him is below.  Details of the presentation I did for them are at corporate speaking programs.

Workplace Diversity Training Important In Many Areas

A workplace diversity training program helps employees and executives become more effective especially in very diverse working environments like southern Ontario where is based. Such a program is also beneficial for companies and executives who deal with associates and customers located in other parts of the world or even within the same countries because of regional diversity.

A diversity training program can be tailored to the type of audience since college and university students for example, also benefit from such presentations.  See all of the available Speaking Programs to get an idea of what is offered for different audiences.

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