Diversity At Work With Chinese Food In Motivational WebTV #8

Diversity At Work With Chinese Food

I hope you are intrigued with the title of this blog post. You might be wondering what does Chinese food and diversity at work have to do with a motivational video. Well, as I mentioned before, diversity works in building skills important for achieving success in today’s diverse environment and I will feature diversity topics in every 3-4 episodes of Motivational WebTV.   These are skills which will make a big difference in how successful you are in both local communities as well as international business if you are involved globally.

So we are now at episode number eight and you are indeed going to be seeing some yummy Chinese food – dim sum to be exact.  If you are not familiar with Chinese dim sum, then this will be an educational food video for you as well as I take you inside one of my local Chinese restaurants here in Mississauga.

You will see that I use Chinese dim sum as one of my diversity tools to help me build both business and personal relationships with people, especially those who are different from me and not very familiar with dim sum.  Ethnic food is diversity at work and is a great tool to use.  Building these relationships have helped me greatly over the years to achieve success in different fields where I benefited from the help of others.

Diversity At Work In This Video

This is why this episode is still very much a motivational video because it shows how you can use a very enjoyable experience like dining and see diversity at work as a tool for success.  Don’t forget that to achieve success these days often requires the partnership of others and what better way to foster these relationships than over food.  The Chinese food twist in all this just gives it a diversity spin.

I hope you like this latest Motivational WebTV episode and of course as always, I look forward to your comments below.  Other episodes of my motivational video series are archived for your convenience.  I’ll have future videos to show diversity at work for success again.

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