Current Political Unrest Reminds Me Of My Egypt Trip

My Egypt Trip

With the political unrest and protesters right now in Egypt, I suddenly have memories of my own trip there ten years ago in 2001.  I actually still talk about my Egypt trip during one of my regular diversity talks.  It was a once in a lifetime trip for me (although that might just be a phrase because I may return someday).  Seeing the Great Pyramids and other awesome ancient Egyptian ruins was definitely the highlight of the trip.

But experience all the other things good and bad about Egypt all added to my own personal growth and diversity exposure.  It was not an easy trip to make as the heat was unbearable during the daytime and the Cairo crowds as well as pollution were terrible.  However, the striking beauty of the still colourful wall murals inside the tombs and the wonderful treasures of King Tut made up for the inconveniences.

I will plan to shoot a special Motivational WebTV episode on my Egypt trip at some point but I thought that due to what’s happening there right now, I just had to make a blog post on my trip back in 2001.  When I saw that the Egyptian Museum was close to the unrest, my heart sank a bit and I just hope that all sides there have at least the right sense to keep the priceless treasures inside the facility safe.  They are after all, priceless and it would be a complete disaster of immense proportions if anything were to happen to them because of modern day civil violence.

I just hope that things will work out there in Egypt as I recall my own trip there was also during a moment of crisis – namely 9/11.  Yes, that’s right, I was on the River Nile during 9/11 and I never saw so many machine guns on the streets as a result.  Tense moments for sure but that trip was sure an adventure I’ll never forget.

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