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Conference Speakers Travel To Cuba

As one of the conference speakers travelling to Cuba and although it’s anticipated, the first bit of my Cuba trip video won’t be aired on my Motivational tv series until next week even though the first episode featuring this footage is already produced.  There was another episode of Motivational WebTV already completed prior to the departure of my trip and I want to release that one first.

I have enough video from Cuba for at least two separate episodes but I won’t release them back to back since I like to mix up the topics and content as far as actual airtimes.  There are many other interesting topics other than Cuba that were in the works as future Motivational WebTV episodes.

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I was speaking to an American delegate (not one of the conference speakers) at the conference I spoke at in Havana and we were commenting about how Cuba on the whole is still a mystery for most Americans because of the US trade and travel embargo.  And President Bush didn’t do much for the image of Cuba as well during his years with the open criticism of Fidel Castro.  Rightly or not, the criticism of Cuba’s government should not be a reflection of the Cuban people in general.

The videos will show that the people in Cuba are nowhere near the machine gun toting communists that some people view them as just because the country is under a socialist regime.  There are many delightful things I saw in Cuba but to be fair, there were also some things I could do without as well.

Much of these will be captured in my upcoming episodes of Motivational WebTV but my faithful viewers will have to wait another week for the first one.  In the meantime, there will be a very entertaining new episode coming out tomorrow that will hopefully put a lot of smiles on faces.  It will have nothing to do with travel but will still be effective and entertaining in my humble opinion.

I hope many folks have been able to catch up on past episodes missed last week since I didn’t release any new episodes then as I was down in Cuba.  If you still haven’t caught all of the past shows, see them at the Motivational Videos Archive.

This is a conference where I presented both of my keynotes.  If you are an organizer who needs conference speakers in the future, feel free to check out the available Speaking Programs I offer.

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Zé.Valdi

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