Corporate Speaker Saddened By Fallen Toronto Police Officer

Corporate Speaker Honours Fallen Officer

I recall that I was the lone corporate speaker who was invited to speak at a news conference last year where there were a few police chiefs in attendance. I told the audience that as a karate world champion, I am not nearly as tough as those folks like the police officers, fire fighters and emergency response paramedics who put their lives on the line each day for the rest of us in the communities. They are the real tough people, not me.

Last week, we lost another police officer, Sargeant Ryan Russell of the Toronto police force. He was killed while on duty when he was trying to stop a deranged individual who was driving around the streets of downtown Toronto hitting everything in sight with a stolen snow plow vehicle. Sargeant Russell left a wife and a two year old son.

Police Officers Are True Heroes

Although they were criticized for being overly heavy handed during the G-20 summit here in Toronto, I still thing that police officers are true heroes. They are the ones protecting our communities and Sargeant Russell made the ultimate sacrifice for us.

Today will be the largest police funeral ever in Toronto with an expected attendance of 10,000 people with 8,000 of them being police officers from all over North America to honour their fallen brother.

Anytime I get a chance at a speaking event as a corporate speaker where there are police, fire department or emergency response paramedics in attendance, I will always acknowledge and thank them publicly for their immense contribution to society. They are all tougher than I am and they are all heroes.

I salute Sargeant Ryan Russell and all others who have fallen in the line of duty for us.  You are an inspiration to all of us, including this corporate speaker.

Please feel free to join me in honouring Sargeant Russell in the comments section below.

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