Consistency For Achieving Success – Motivational WebTV #75

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Important Word For Achieving Success

There is an important word that I feel everyone should add into their vocabulary for achieving success in pretty well any area of life.  This is a word that I emphasize in this latest episode of Motivational WebTV with my personal example right from poolside.

This word is … CONSISTENCY.

As you will see in the video, I was in my outdoor swimming pool three times per week all summer season long.  I had planned this all along as I physically wrote down my swim workouts (as well as my other workouts) right on my calendar before the summer even started.

Yes, I had to swim in the rain a few times in order to achieve my three swim workouts per week goal but I achieved it.  As a result, I’m at my peak physical condition right now as far as cardio fitness goes and I’m already past age 50.  This goal would not have been possible if I was not consistent with my workouts during the summer.

Consistency leads to real long term results.  If you end up doing something only a few times, you will not have consistency.  This is why so many people fail to lose weight, save money, learn a new language or get better at anything long term.  They need to learn to be consistent with their new actions to take them on the direction they want for the long term.

See my new Motivational WebTV episode just below.

So learn to be more consistent with action in your life and you will see results that stay with you.

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