Don’t Forget About Goals During Summer – Motivational WebTV #74


Don’t Forget About Goals

Summer is a great time of year as most people will agree.  A lot of people go on vacations with their families since school is out for the kids and there are weekend BBQs, not to mention swimming pools and beaches to visit.  Summer is also the middle of the year which is what I want to focus on.

If you had some ambitious goals planned at the beginning of the year during January or New Year, see where you’re at with them.  If you are still on track — fantastic!  Keep it up!

See if there is any room for improvements in order to either speed up your goals and get bigger progress.  Otherwise, just stay on track.

If you realize that you are not on track with your goals by now, then spend some time this summer to make some serious effort to get back on track.  You still have the rest of the year to achieve your goals.

Important Reminder About Our Goals

This is a very important reminder for all of us as it’s easy to slip from our goals during the summer when everyone wants to relax.  Here is the video version of my reminder in the form of a new Motivational WebTV episode.

By the way, this reminder about our goals was brought to you by Free Spirit Activewear where you will find t-shirts and tank tops for men, women and children featuring unique designs with martial arts and scuba diving themes created by yours truly, Clint Cora.  These are perfect for the summertime!

So do enjoy your summer but don’t forget about your goals that were originally set earlier this year.  Don’t give up on them.  Do invest some of your time to make sure that the rest of your year turns out to be a great one for you.

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If you missed the last episode, check it out at My Golden Rule With Credit Cards.

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