Conquering Fear Should Be Motivation Factors

Conquering Fear Motivation Factors

One of my friends had a nasty wipeout (fall) while skiing at Mt Tremblant last weekend.  He actually seemed to run over his ski pole and ended up falling in a way that his ski pole bent and cracked his shoulder.  Unfortunately for him, that would be the end of his skiing for probably the rest of this ski season.  The weird thing is, this intermeditate level skier fell on a slope that wasn’t really that steep or hard either.  I think that because of this, conquering his fear in the future for skiing on such slopes should be among the motivation factors for next season.

He will effectively have an entire year to train during the off-season as well as on-season early in the ski season next winter to make a return to Mt Tremblant.  He should go back on the very same slope where he fell and conquer that slope, especially since he agreed that it wasn’t a very steep slope.

Past Falls Are Motivation Factors

I had a similar incident at my usual ski place Blue Mountain, about two hours north of Toronto.  About two seasons ago, I had a fall (although I didn’t injure myself) on one particular narrow black diamond (difficult) level ski slope on the north side called Kandahar.  I vowed to return back to the same slope and conquer it despite my fear.  These past falls are indeed motivation factors for me.

I did and have made an effort to usually ski that same slope at least once each time I go up to Blue Mountain which is about twice per week during my ski season for the last two winters.  I wanted to nail that slope once and for all despite my initial fall there.

So I just went for it because my desire to conquer a certain goal was stronger as motivation factors than my fear of that particular ski slope.  So one of the keys to achieving a goal is to identify what motivation factors will be stronger than your fears.

On another note, I will have a new episode of Motivational WebTV ready for next week.  If you missed any past episodes, catch them at my motivational videos archive.

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