Conducting Self Improvement Action Planning Day For Group

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I will be conducting a full day personal development, action planning seminar for a private organization in early September. This is like my motivational keynote on steroids and expanded to 5-6 hours of active self improvement rather than the usual 45 minute to one hour keynote presentation.

The participants in this seminar will get a 60 page Action Planner binder to work out of throughout the day. I will be mixing parts of my keynote The Life Champion In You (named after my book of the same title) with periods of group work where participants will be divided up into smaller groups 4 to 6 people maximum. Within these groups, people will brainstorm ideas and feedback to develop a full action plan for each individual customized for each person.

This is an intensive seminar but it makes people finally put the important personal development and self improvement principles into action on paper. Too often, people will read a book or go to a seminar and then not take any active action on planning for success. This day forces people to take the action of actually planning for their success on paper.

So far, I have only been offering this full day self improvement action planning seminar to private organizations such as companies and associations. I haven’t offered this as a public event that is open to all just yet. There would be more work involved in setting such an event up as I would have to secure venues, do the promotion and registrations. But if there is demand, then I will certainly do it.

More description of a possible self improvement action planning public seminar is at my website. See what you think of it and if you think this would be a good idea as wel as an event that you would like to take, please leave me a comment at the end of this post or on my Facebook pages.

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