Companies Need To Motivate Employee Staff More

Motivate Employee Staff

I was on Facebook earlier today and I noticed that one of my Facebook friends wrote ‘Mondays :(‘ which pretty well summed it up right away on how she feels about her job.  It’s interesting because a few months ago, this same Facebook friend was desperately looking for work and when she finally found a new job, she seemed absolutely delighted.

Now well settled into her new job, she seems to hate it.  Of course this is not a unique case since I’ve seen many other Facebook friends post about similar situations.  They hate the beginning of each work week and the song ‘I Hate Mondays’ just seem to ring out loud and clear.  These are the folks who just can’t wait until Friday afternoons (by the way, feel free to connect with me at my Motivation Facebook page)

Failure To Motivate Employee Groups

Management at companies should recognize this type of issue and that if this is chronic, failure to motivate employee groups can lead to decreased productivity and increased absentees from work.  This all costs the companies.

Companies can really benefit from putting together task groups consisting of employees from all levels to come up with specific problem areas and create possible ways to manage them.  Everything from incentive programs to wellness sessions to special events can be utilized to help motivate employee staff.

External people like business motivational speakers (I am such a person) can be brought in to help out at special events and workshops.  These are all good investments for companies since they are investments in their own people.

Include Personal Development Skills

Helping employees with specific work related skills is great but also helping them with their own personal development skills is even greater.  It shows that companies are taking an active interest in their people as individuals rather than just numbered workers.

Hating Mondays is a common thing out there unfortunately but when you think about it, there’s a lot that can be done to drastically reduce this if companies spend more effort to motivate employee staff at all levels.

If companies out there could use some help to motivate employee groups, check out my Speaking Programs as I may be able to fit in to help.

motivate employee personal development skills
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