College Speaker Programs Expanded

College Speaker Expands

As a college speaker, I have expanded my speaking programs to now include half day seminars in college diversity training.  Previously, I offered only hour long keynotes in diversity for colleges and universities.  I have been offering both keynotes and half day seminars for the corporate market for some time.

Diversity Training For Colleges

I have noticed that some colleges are beginning to request longer programs than the usual hour long presentation, especially for training of student groups involved in various campus leadership roles.  So it was a natural move for me to expand my college speaking programs to include the longer seminars which are up to three hours in length.

The half day long seminar in diversity training is much like my corporate workshop but obviously adjusted for the college audience.  It can be run either during a morning or an afternoon.  The workshop includes a lot of group work by the audience and has the content contained from the hour long keynote except the seminar version is like the keynote on steroids.

College Speaker Programs

To find out more information about my college speaking topics available for your college or university campus groups, see the section at my website about College Speaker Programs.  You will also see many video testimonials from college students from both USA and Canada who have heard me at one of my college presentations.

I strongly believe that when college students are exposed to my college presentations, they are much better prepared to face the real working world when they graduate.  Many of my college audience continues to stay connected with me even after graduation through social media outlets like my Facebook page.

Of course, I have separate sections for corporations and high school youth groups.  See my general Speaking Programs section where you can see the different audience types that I serve.

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