Canadian Youth Speaker Going To Texas

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Canadian Youth Speaker

I will be putting on my Canadian youth speaker hat for the first part of my Texas speaking tour this week.  My presentation called ‘Creating Awesome Futures’ will be for a group of youths and teens age 14 years and up to probably high school or even college age.  This event is being organized jointly by a local Lions club and a martial arts tae kwon do club in Odessa, Texas.

I always look forward to doing my youth talks as not only are the audiences full of energy, it’s a great opportunity for me to impact them in a hopefully very positive way.  The kids learn more about achieving success with their goals, leadership skills, a bit about diversity and most importantly, an introduction to people skills which will be crucial for their future success.

People Skills Emphasis In Youth Presentation

People skills are among the most important life skills to have and getting the kids immersed in it early on will only serve them well for the rest of their life.  They will also get a head start on their peers as well.  During my youth talks, part of the program is presented in a workshop type of format with lots of group work and participation.

The youths and teens therefore learn by actually doing rather than just listening.  Since there is so much interaction between the audience and myself during these talks, my presentations for this age group can accommodate pretty well any size of audience.

If you have a youth group or school audience that can use a Canadian youth speaker for a very special event or presentation, check out my webpage on my youth speaker presentation that are available.

For the second half of my Texas tour, I revert back to an all adults audience with my signature motivational keynote called The Life Champion In You.

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