Canadian Motivational Speaker To Do Videos On Websites

#webhosting #websites #internet #canadian  —  I will be the first Canadian motivational speaker to shoot a few videos on websites because I’ve been asked questions on this topic even though I am not a computer techie or internet marketing guru.  I’m just a speaker and author.

However, I have run several websites successfully for several years and each one was created on my own without any outside design help.  You can be the judge of whether these websites are any good.  Here’s a few of them;

My Canadian Motivational Speaker – Official Clint Cora Website

My Dog Training Website

My Free Spirit Gallery Native Art Website

None of my websites are super flashy or technical but they are functional and hopefully get the right messages out for my viewers.  I do all the maintenance for my websites and blogs too.

The point is I’m not a techie and if I was able to create such websites, so can anybody else.  I find that a lot of people out there are afraid to create websites without paying somebody enormous amounts of money to do them (I’ve even been offered money to create websites for a few people but that’s not my game).  Website work is not that difficult!

So I’m going to shoot a few videos here and there just to reveal some of the things I do for my websites and what type of services I do use and recommend, especially for non-technies like myself.

It will sort of be a behind the scenes look at how one Canadian motivational speaker does his thing online and perhaps this can help others who want to get some sort of decent internet presense no matter what field or industry.

These odd videos here and there will be totally separate from my main Clint Cora Motivational WebTV series which you can always catch on the home page of my official Canadian motivational speaker website for the current episode (also link to past episodes).

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Rd. Vortex

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