Canadian Motivational Speaker Planning To Visit Arctic Again

#canadian #canada #arctic #motivational  —  I have been up to the Canadian Arctic region of Nunavut twice before on art buying trips for Free Spirit Gallery and really enjoyed my experiences up there.  In fact, there are even webpages that show various photos that I took in and around Iqaluit which is the capital of Nunavut.   I would like to return up there again but in a different role.  Rather than an art buyer, I would like to visit as a Canadian motivational speaker, perhaps the first one up there.

Unfortunately, there were some things about Nunavut that I didn’t like when I was there.  I heard from locals that only about 25% of the Inuit kids ever end up graduating from high school.  Indeed, there were lots of Inuit kids still running around the streets at 11 pm at night during the weekdays when they should be in bed preparing for the next school day.

Suicide rates among the Inuit, particularly among the teens are quite high as well.  With the lack of available housing, there are just too many people stuck within each dwelling which doesn’t contribute to the well being of the community.

If there is a community that could really use a Canadian motivational speaker, that would be Iqaluit and probably some of the other Inuit communities as well.  I know that by speaking up there, I could help open up possibilities for the Inuit, especially the youth and young adults up there.

I feel so strong about a possible speaking tour up in Nunavut and the benefits that the community would derive from it, I would be willing to waive all of my speaking fees for a trip up there as long as my travel could be funded by an organization.  Travel, especially flights, are dreadfully expensive from the major cities of Canada to the Arctic.

I will try to contact some of the organizations in Nunavut that would hopefully be able to assist in setting up a possible speaking tour as well as locating possible sponsors to fund my travel.  I would certainly love to be the first Canadian motivational speaker to travel up to Nunavut to help the Inuit communities there.  If anybody knows of possible contact who could help me on this project, please contact me.

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