Canadian Motivational Speaker Home Country By Tom Brokaw

Home Of Canadian Motivational Speaker

As a Canadian motivational speaker, I am darn proud to call Canada my home.  I was in a few Canadian national karate teams during my martial arts competition years and they were among some of my proudest moments.  I always promote Canada whenever I can.  Since I have a lot of connections in the USA and globally, I find that many people around the world are still not very aware of what Canada is all about.  Indeed, a lot of my American friends are not very aware of what’s up here either.

Fortunately, I found a really good video by Tom Brokaw that explains Canada to Americans.  This video is so good that I don’t think I could have done a better job so I would rather let him present Canada to my US friends and others around the world.

Tom Brokaw Presents Canada

So here is Tom Brokaw presenting the home country of this Canadian motivational speaker to everybody else during the Vancouver Olympics in 2010.  Some of the video footage is just stunning as it shows the natural beauty of what we have up here.  But just as importantly, the video shows people what Canadians are all about too.

Canadian Motivational Speaker As Export

Tom Brokaw mentions about exports from Canada. I guess in many ways, I’m also considered an export from Canada whenever I do business or speak at locations outside of my home turf. So if I could help you in any way especially as a Canadian motivational speaker or diversity speaker, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Of course, I would also be available to help out organizations located right here in Canada as well from coast to coast.  My available speaking programs include both keynotes as well as seminars.  I’ve also been known to do some pharmaceutical sales consulting as well.


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