Canadian Motivational Speaker One Of College Conference Speakers In Southern California

College Conference Speakers

I’ll be coming to southern California in late June as one of the conference speakers at a huge college conference where there will be 2,000 student leaders from 400 different colleges from all over North America.  I’m being promoted as a Canadian motivational speaker coming to California for that event.

In actual reality, I’ll be a diversity speaker with some motivational content for that particular conference since in the college circuit, I do mostly my Kick Down Diversity Barriers For Success college presentation.  I’ll be speaking at this conference in San Diego on June 22 during the afternoon.

Conference Speakers Also At Other Venues

However, since I plan to stay in the southern California area, I am available to do other speaking engagements, especially with my presentations as a motivational speaker.  I’m sure that other conference speakers will be doing the same thing.  I am available for San Diego area community or corporate organizations from the evening of June 22 through to the evening of June 23.

I will be traveling north to Los Angeles on June 24 and so I am available for any groups in the LA area that entire day and evening.  I fly out of LAX in the morning of June 25.

So if you are part of any community group like Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis or similar organizations or a corporate association or company, I am available to do other talks in addition to my college conference event whether in Los Angeles, San Diego or in between.  Just contact me as soon as possible to arrange and secure date/time slots.  This is your rare opportunity to bring in a Canadian motivational speaker to your organization.

Descriptions of my speaking programs are at my website and they are arranged according to type of organization.  I’ve been to all of the theme parks in southern California that I want to visit so I don’t need to visit them again.  I do plan to use some of my time there to shoot more video footage for my Motivational WebTV but apart from that, I’m game for more talks.  And if you need conference speakers in the future, just let me know.

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