Canadian Motivational Speaker Attending Millionaire Mind Intensive

#mmi – Like everyone else, #Canadian #motivational speakers need continued education as well.  I like to continue learning by reading books, following certain blogs and attending conferences or live seminars.

For the next three days, I will be attending the Millionaire Mind Intensive event in Toronto which was created by T. Harv Eker, author of the The Millionaire Mindset best seller.  This will be my first time attending this event.  I had a chance last spring when the same event came here in town but couldn’t make it.

As a past reader of Harv Eker’s book, I get to attend the live event for free and even though I already know that Eker himself probably will not be present as he uses other trainer speakers to conduct these events, I figure it will be worth attending to see if I could learn anything useful.

If I pick up just one useful idea from the three days, it would be worth attending in my mind.  One useful idea can make all the difference in the world on success if implemented properly.  Plus I am sure that I will meet some interesting people there as well.  I might even have past audience members who have been to one of my own Canadian motivational speaker events.

It’s always good to meet up with other motivated people who are also serious about success.  Being in the right group is an inspiration in itself and this is how this Canadian motivational speaker gets in his own dose of motivation.

I already know a few other people who will be attending and it will be repeat attendance for these folks.  That is a good sign in itself.  It would be great to meet up with other people I might know at the Millionaire Mind Intensive.

I will try to post some reports each night on my thoughts on the event and what might be worth passing onto my readers around the world who otherwise might not get a chance to attend a Millionaire Mind Intensive event.  So stay tuned to this blog and my Motivation Facebook page as I report from the event.

Millionaire Mindset
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