Canadian Motivational Speaker At Toastmasters International Clubs

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Although I’m no longer that active with Toastmasters International due to time constraints, I do try to make time to do my motivational keynotes at their clubs, usually as part of special open house events that they organize.  Because it’s an opportunity for Toastmasters clubs to bring in a Canadian motivational speaker and karate world champion, they can promote such events as a special community event open to the public.  When Toastmasters clubs actively promote these events with me, some have been able to draw as many as 50 outside guests to the open house.

Such numbers of outside guests can represent many potential new Toastmasters club members for them as a result.  I would usually do either a 45 or 60 minute motivational keynote after their club members demonstrate a session of Table Topics for the guests.  Table Topics are a fun exercise in learning to speak on the cuff or impromptu speaking.

Toastmasters audiences tend to be very good for me and they get a lot out of my talks as well so I will always try to make time for clubs that request my talks during my travels.  I did a talk at a local club in San Diego the other week when I was there to speak at a conference and upon my return to Canada, I went up to a town called Orangeville to do an open house event for them.

Below is the feedback from the President of the Orangeville Toastmasters club, Andrew Mallouk.

If you are part of a Toastmasters club and would like me to come and present at your club as part of an open house, just feel free to contact me and we’ll see if we can work out the details for an event. Clubs with two hours of the greater Toronto area would be very easy since as a Canadian motivational speaker, I’m based in Mississauga and within easy travel.

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