Bruce Lee Quotation

Now that we are starting the summer season, which tends to be a bit slower in pace for many of us, I’ve decided to use a motivational quote regarding the use of our time this month. Depending on your industry, summers can be quite relaxing and even downright lazy, particularly during our off times.

Although we all need time to relax, we must be careful not to use up TOO MUCH of our time in unconstructive ways. Time is something that we can NEVER get back, especially if we end up wasting time. So this month’s motivational quote comes from my all-time biggest personal hero, Bruce Lee.

“If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made of.”

If you have goals, whether they are related to health, career, relationships or anything else, they require TIME and EFFORT to achieve them. Yes, spend time to wind down since this is part of good overall balance but consider if you are spending too much time idle.

Would it be worthwhile to perhaps commit even another extra 30 minutes per day to working on one of your personal goals rather than idle time?

What would your progress be like if you spent one LESS hour watching TV at night and devoted that time to ACTIVELY working on a goal that you always wanted to work on?

How would your progress be if you got up an hour earlier in the morning during weekends to work on something important (assuming you still get adequate sleep)?

These are questions of course that only you can answer but you should answer them.

What Bruce Lee is saying is that if it is important for you to achieve your goals WITHIN your lifetime, you MUST devote enough time to them since we all do NOT have an unlimited amount of time on this earth. Don’t put things off especially if you find that you really do have more idle time than you really need each day.

Re-allocating your time so that you use it wisely for your most important goals will have a significant positive impact in your life. This quote by Bruce Lee was featured in my book The Life Champion In You as well as in the July issue of my motivational quotes newsletter. The next newsletter is coming out soon but it goes out only to our free subscribers each month. So make sure that you are on the list by signing up at the box on the top right of this blog page.

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