Book’s Impact On Personal Growth

A Toronto area screenwriter named Patricia Ellison attended one of my motivational personal growth talks recently and bought my book The Life Champion In You after the talk.  I received a nice message from her this week and I thought that I would share it.   Here’s what she wrote.

“I just finished reading your book!   Thank you for it.  The most important message I learned from it is your statement, ‘I will not let circumstances rule my life.’   It’s my new motto.  I had a bad circumstance in my life last year, and it utterly consumed everything I did.   I felt so stuck.  But not anymore.  I’m making my goals, as per your model, and will make my dreams come true.  I admire your drive in the face of adversity!  You’re are a fantastic role model Clint.  Thank you.”

Patricia Ellison, Whitby, Ontario

It’s always a great feeling when I know that my book has made a difference in somebody’s personal growth and life.

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