Best Self Help Books Available To India

Best Self Help Books

To maximize your own personal development, it is highly recommended to read the best self help books out there by authors such as Brian Tracy and Anthony Robbins.  This is true no matter where you live in the world.

The huge market in India has been a problem for access for such self help books but no longer now.  Online shopping is now available indirectly with Amazon.  I say indirectly because Amazon itself doesn’t have a dedicated website for people in India yet but there is an indirect route to access many (but not all) of the products available on Amazon.

20North For India

The website called 20North now lists the products from Amazon that will be available to the Indian market.  These products are listed in Indian rupees and they are shipped to an office in Bangalore before moving onwards to the customers in India.

I just checked at 20North and it turns out that two of my titles in softcover form are available there for the people in India.  One is my book for the pharmaceutical sales field and the other is my contribution to the best self help books available which is ‘The Life Champion In You‘.

So now, my dedicated readers online from India can easily get the softcover version of ‘The Life Champion In You’ through 20North.  Just go to this website and enter the search term ‘clint cora’ and you will see both of my titles come up including ‘The Life Champion In You’.

Self Help Books In Ebook Form

Of course, another alternative to the softcover book is the digital ebook version of my self help book ‘The Life Champion In You’.  With the ebook version, there is no waiting for shipping and the price is often lower than the printed softcover version.  You can get immediate download access upon ordering the ebook version from anywhere in the world including India.

I hope the possibilities of the ebook version as well as the printed softcover version through 20North helps makes access to my readers in India much better than before.  Don’t forget that my free self help download is also available through the sidebar of this blog or at my website.

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