Benefits Of Martial Arts In Personal Development

One of my new Facebook friends (Lasse from Denmark) was asking me about the benefits of martial arts.  I have an article on this very topic for those who are interested as there are numerous benefits with martial arts training as part of personal development.  In my case, I really don’t think I would be here in this form if it wasn’t for martial arts.  Here’s my article on Benefits of Martial Arts.

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  • Great idea, thanks for this tip!

  • Hey, ok, I get it, I guess – but does this really work?

  • Yes, not only for health benefits but the increased confidence gained from learning different martial arts techniques in a progressive manner is very significant. One can transfer this confidence to other areas of life. The self discipline is also another transferable factor. For kids, just ask the parents about the benefits they have seen in their kids after just a couple of month of martial arts classes.

  • Ah, I’m thrilled I added your blog to my bookmarks, otherwise I would have missed this! Good post.

  • the best ways to get fit fast is to attend a mixed martial arts fitness class. these classes cover everything, cardio, muscle building

  • This article is very true! We answered some of the basic questions people have about martial arts and their benefits. Hopefully it will help supplement your article for others as well.

    Good luck in training if this changes your mind!

  • Will this work for both men and women?

  • Yes

  • Do you have to be a certain age to use this?

  • At least five years of age.