Autumn Sayings About Change In Motivation Videos – WebTV #28

Autumn Sayings About Change Motivation Videos

It seem that change is the only thing that is constant over the last decade or two.  Change has challenged all of us in some way or the other as it tests the best of us to adapt so it’s time for a video on it.  It’s a good thing that I shot some motivation videos of the beautiful fall autumn leaves in the woods near my house just before I left for my Cuba trip – if you missed my first video on Cuba, see it at Havana Cuba video.  When I got back to Canada, most of the leaves have already fallen to the ground.  I wanted to show especially my international viewers some of these autumn seasonal changes here in Canada. It turns out that autumn has some sayings about change but we’ll get to that in a bit.

Did you know that there are lots of tourists who come to eastern Canada from around the world, especially Japan, during our fall season, just to see these leaves when they are red, orange and yellow?  Although to many of us, these seasonal changes are no big deal since we see them each year.  But to many around the world, this is a new thing for them.

As you know, most people do not like change since they feel more protected within their comfort zones.  But in order to achieve success at pretty well anything, one must change.  I came up with sayings about change in particular with a motivational quote to suggest this.

“If you want to get better, you have to accept and even embrace change.”

So take a lesson from nature.  The woods and forests grow each year because they go through these seasonal changes.  Change is good.  As people, we should also embrace change.

Here’s the motivation videos episode discussing this along with beautiful motivation videos footage of autumn leaves (and squirrels too).

Sayings About Change And Much More

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For those who still can’t get enough of my Havana episode, I will release the second video from Cuba very soon so stay tuned!  I will produce a total of three motivation videos about Cuba.

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  • Beautiful autumn video you shot there. The fall leaves are pretty much all gone here in Vancouver, but still I love your metaphor of change, we all need it.

  • margaret lanksch

    dear clint, love your video’s . after losing my husband 7 months ago i am finding it hard to get a normal life going again, your inspirational vidios do give me something to think about. always look forward to them . thanks again, and keep them coming, Margaret Lanksch.

  • Thanks for your kind words Margaret. I’m glad that my work is making some difference. Please share with others who can also benefit.

  • Yes Harry, most of the leaves are gone here in Toronto too. Good thing I shot them in time! Thanks for watching.