Audio Self Help Set Shipped Internationally

#selfhelp  —  It was excitiing enough to ship my book The Life Champion In You outside of North America for the first time a few months ago to Malaysia and just yesterday, I shipped my book and the 4 CD audio self help set to Australia!  The power of the internet!!

It’s amazing how people from all over the world are discovering The Life Champion In You as well as my Clint Cora Motivational WebTV series.  I hope to help everyone globally achieve success even if I could just play a small part in reminding people of the important principles I talk about all the time for personal self help achievement.

This week has also represented a major change behind the scenes of my various websites and blogs that I run.  Most of these websites and their blogs were moved over to a different web hosting service with Bluehost in order to reduce the dreaded downtime experienced too frequently with our previous provider.

Even though most people here in North America would probably be visiting my websites during the daytime and early evening hours, there are now many people from overseas who visit when we here in North America are asleep.  So it’s very important for me to ensure that the websites are fully operating 24/7.

In addition to a new web hosting service, I am now using a different secure online shopping cart system as well.  This one from 1ShoppingCart is far superior to the one I used previously for a few years.  I’m now able to integrate the different shipping costs for all products across the different websites quite easily.

I’m even considering on coming up with a special bundle price for The Life Champion In You book together with the audio self help program as a special package.  Stay tuned on this as I want to think about some neat ideas around a nice combo package at a discounted price of course both domestically and internationally.

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