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#inspirational #inspiration  — I watched a movie called Beyond Borders last night on TV since I was in the mood for some inspirational movies and this one seemed like it fit the bill.  It stars Angelina Jolie as an American socialite married with a family in Britain.

Angelina Jolie’s character meets a British doctor who works in relief camps in war torn countries and she follows him on site every several years in different locations after she starts working for the UN.  It is a love story but also shows some of the horrors of war refugee camps in third world countries and the often corrupt military and political officials.

The movie itself is certainly inspirational since it not only shows the realities of the suffering out there, but also the heroics of the relief and aid workers who risk their lives to help others.

Beyond Borders has moving scenes in Ethiopia, Cambodia and Chechnya.  Apparently, it was when this movie was being filmed in Ethiopia when Angelina Jolie decided to adopt her first Ethiopian child.

The movie does have some criticism though despite it’s efforts to increase global awareness of the refugee plights.  Some say that it was wrong to use some of the horrifying scenes of suffering and hunger in Ethiopia as a backdrop for a love story.

The aid community also claimed that it was a major blow to tie in the leading aid working doctor in the movie with the CIA.  Global aid workers have a policy that they do not aligned themselves with any military or intelligence or political group such as the CIA.  The danger with this type of association is that they might be seen as spys working with the CIA which will cause great danger to their community in certain countries.

I do agree with this point.  Even though in such inspirational movies as Beyond Borders, I think the aid community could have been more protected by removing the CIA link even though it is purely fictional in the film.  But you never know how some fringe groups out there could react to such as suggestion, even if fictional.  Angelina Jolie plays her character well in this movie as the other co-stars.  The writers should have been more careful about the screenplay if the intention was to maximize awareness of refugee suffering.

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  • Can’t fathom why so many media types are making such a big deal over Angelina. She’s just a wonderful actress and we should be grateful he has shaken things up.

  • I love Angelina her with bottom of my heard. I hope I’ll meet her before I die. Angelina Jolie has a twitter account but didn’t use it. She says that because of her children and work she is alone only on her shower. Some followers ?My favorite movie of Angelina is “Life or Something Like It”. She is such a great actress.

  • Separate from becoming the hottest female in the damn entire world angelina jolie is actually a excellent actress ; )