Advice On Web Hosting And Review On Bluehost

#webhosting #websites #internetmarketing  —  I’m not a computer techie but I do have enough to create my own websites and have successfully run them for several years.  As a result, I sometimes get questions on websites so in the spirit of information sharing, I wrote an article on how to pick a good web hosting service as well as a review of the current service I use which is Bluehost.

So in case there are any of you who are thinking of doing websites or changing website hosts, you can see my full article at How To Choose Web Hosting Services.  Also the accompanying video is right here on this blog post for your convenience.


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  • By the way, the company I mentioned in the video that I used before was Clicshop. Based on my experience with them and the criteria I use on both the blog post as well as the video, I do NOT recommend using Clicshop!