Administrative Professionals Association Loved Diversity Talk

I presented my corporate diversity talk to the Administrative Professionals Association of Toronto last night and it was a great audience.  Interesting thing was all audience members were women except for one single man – lucky guy!

They thought that diversity was a very relevant topic as most of them are office and administrative managers at companies.  Like many organizations, they see increasing diversity, have a feeling that it’s a good thing but at the same time, do not see a lot of cultures mixing much on a day to day basis.

Hopefully, I gave them some good information so that they could go back to their companies with a renewed attitude on diversity and how they could sell others on the concept more effectively.

I am already getting some inquiries on whether I do longer seminars or workshops on diversity skills.  Looks like a similar situation as with my motivational seminar where people are starting to request a more hands on learning venue like a half or full day seminar rather than just an hour keynote.  I’ll probably have to develop one for diversity as well.

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