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Workplace Diversity Training

One of the two keynotes I presented yesterday (yes, it was a busy day presented two different keynotes in two different towns) was my workplace diversity training one called ‘Kick Down Diversity Barriers’, for a chapter of the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP).  Although my signature motivational speech is considered my primary topic among my speaking programs, I do get calls to present my workplace diversity training program as well as was the case of last night.

Here is Val Posthumus, CPS/CAP, past President and current Program Chair of the the Horseshoe Falls chapter I spoke at with her comments about my workplace diversity training talk;

“Clint Cora is a dynamic and engaging keynote speaker.  His presentation on Kicking Down Diversity Barriers is absolutely relavent and timely in our changing world and workplace.  He shares interesting information in a format that both educates and entertains.  I would highly recommend him to any individual or organization looking to increase their knowledge of and skills in dealing with diversity in their personal and professional lives.  Gaining a more focused understanding of what diversity is and how it impacts us is knowledge that we can continually use to improve our relationships with those around us.”

“What I gained from this particular program is the knowledge that I too have diversity skills, something I had not previously understood about myself.   With this newfound knowledge I feel better equipped to enhance my personal and working relationships.  It’s wonderful to learn something new in general but to learn a little more about oneself is invaluable!  Thank you on both counts Mr. Cora!”

Some Motivation In Workplace Diversity Training

During this workplace diversity training keynote, I include a small part from my motivational talk since it is relevant to the development of what I call diversity skills as well.  This also gives the audience a small taste of what my other talk is like too.

Some groups have invited me to return the following year to present my other keynote after hearing one of my talks.  Other events like multiday conferences, I am sometimes requested to do both of my motivational and workplace diversity training keynotes.  More information on these are at my speaking programs section of my website.

workplace diversity training programs
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