Actress Playwright Helped By Motivational Books

#selfhelp #motivation #motivational —  People from all walks of life have benefited from self help motivational books and actress/playwright Tali Brady of Montreal, Canada is no exception.  Tali wrote and starred in a solo theatrical show called ‘Afternoon Tea With Jane Austen’.  Her play has been featured at both the Montreal Fringe Festival and the Toronto Fringe Festival recently.

The development of this play was not easy as Tali had to research Jane Austen’s life and then write a feasible play that can be performed in one hour.  To increase the authenticity of Jane Austen’s character, Tali had to learn how to act with an English accent.  Then there is the huge challenge of memorizing the entire one hour dialogue.

Tali had previously attended my motivational speech last year when I was in Montreal doing a few speaking engagements.  She got a copy of my book ‘The Life Champion In You’ at the talk and claims the success principles contained in the book helped her a great deal and in particular, with the development of her play.

When Tali came to Toronto this week to perform her play in the Toronto Fringe Festival, I was fortunate to catch her show and it was wonderful.  I interviewed her after one of her shows and video footage from it will be featured in a future episode of Clint Cora Motivational WebTV along with some scenes from her play, ‘Afternoon Tea With Jane Austen’.

In the meantime, here is Tali in the video below talking about my book, ‘The Life Champion In You‘ and how it helped her with her theatrical project.

I am quite honoured to have perhaps played a small part in helping Tali Brady turn her initial idea of a play on Jane Austen’s life into full reality as one of the featured shows in both the Montreal and Toronto Fringe Festivals.  Look out for the episode of Clint Cora Motivational WebTV with Tali Brady as my guest later this summer.

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