ACL Anterior Cruciate Ligament Surgery Sports Motivational Video WebTV #32

ACL Anterior Cruciate Ligament Sports Motivational Video

First, a very Happy New Year to my readers.  To help you off to a great start for 2011, I have an awesome motivational quote for you.  In a past issue of my Motivational Quotes Newsletter, I covered one of the most profound quotes I’ve ever seen which is by Albert Einstein where he said,

“In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity”.

I used the example of my ACL anterior cruciate ligament injuries and subsequent surgeries to help illustrate the implication of this quote from my own experiences.

Since launching Motivational WebTV, I always wanted to shoot a sports motivational video version of this as an episode featuring this ‘Dose of Motivation’.  I finally did over the holidays and now I’m releasing it as the first Motivational WebTV episode of 2011.  It’s the first time on video where I actually talk about my two ACL injuries and the brutal rehabilitation I needed from the knee surgeries themselves.

The anterior cruciate ligament is responsible for lateral stability in our knees and ACL tears are common among sports injuries.  My own experience with my ACL injuries represent the ‘difficulty’ in Einstein’s quote while the ‘opportunity’ might surprise a few people (yes, there was an opportunity from all this).

Now after experiencing this quotation in action personally, I keep it in the back of my head to remind myself of any life challenges that come up.  It’s a short and sweet quotation which can be easily remembered so this is one that I totally recommend that you follow to heart.

Here’s the new sports motivational video.

Knee Surgery And Life Challenges

My knee surgery experience has taught me to take a positive approach to any life challenge that comes up and you can do the same by stepping back and taking the time to really think about where the opportunities are hiding when presented with life challenges.

If you know of others who have life challenges, please share this sports motivational video with them since the lesson is so profound.  Of course, past episodes from 2010 are also listed in my Motivational WebTV Archive in case you missed any.

Feel free to post your comments about this sports motivational video either in the Facebook or blog sections below.

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  • Clint, great video, I had ACL surgery done Dec 8 and have been blogging about the recovery process. You are absolutely right in that keeping motivated during recovery is important! Great technique with the opportunity to work on your arms…for me its my website and using it to help other people and myself stay motivated! I will be posting this video on my site!

  • Thanks for the video and motivation. Good analogy on the ACL surgery. You lucked out and had a cute PT, did she go to your house? haha.

  • I’ve had a few cute PTs but nope, they were always professional and I saw them at the clinics.