A Sports Motivational Speaker Enhances Your Event

#motivational  #sports   —   The other day, there was a speakers bureau that specialized in athletes from various sports as speakers for functions who was looking for more such individuals to fill up their roster.  I thought about whether I would be in this particular niche category and concluded that I was since martial arts could certainly be considered as an athletic activity.

In many of the past speaking events, especially when people from the general public were welcome to attend, the organizers used my tagline of Karate World Champion prominently on their promotional materials for their events.  This helped draw in people who normally wouldn’t come to such speaking events because the Karate World Champion title stirs curiosity.  After all, it’s not everyday that you can get a sports motivational speaker, especially a Karate World Champion, to speak at your event.

A sports motivational speaker therefore has the ability to enhance your event.  Athletes who have been successful in sports represent something unique in the public’s eyes.  They are definitely a minority with some type of celebrity status, even if on the local level, in the general public.  They are also folks who have gone through enormous hard work and dedication to excel in their chosen sports.  Those athletes who have become successful in their sports represent some type of hope and inspiration for everyone else.

I have come to realize that there will always be a sports motivational speaker element in my own profile as a speaker so I might as well offer it as an advantage for event organizers.  In fact, I have dedicated two separate webpages on my martial arts sports speaker background for those who are interested to know a bit more about that side of me.

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