A Funny Motivational Business Story From My Past

#motivation #motivational  —–     Here’s something that I usually don’t show here for my motivational and diversity readers.  This is a video that I pulled from my pharmaceutical sales careers project which is mainly aimed for those either interested or already working in the pharmaceutical industry where I had a former career as an executive.  The reason why I’m sharing this video with you here is because it has a bit of a funny motivational business story that you may find entertaining.

I talk about my start as a brand new drug representative for a big multinational pharmaceutical company and meeting one of the most important customers in my sales territory.  We will call him Dr. W.  Upon my first meeting with Dr. W., I end up with one of the worse nightmares a new pharmaceutical representative could ever experience in the business.  That is, one of my most important customers telling me that he will never ever use my product again because he experienced a real nasty side effect as a result of taking my company’s drug.  As for the actual side effect, I’ll leave that as a surprise so you will watch the video!

But this motivational business story does have a happy ending and does illustrate an important point for those of use in business.  No matter what industry, sometimes it’s the process of taking the time to build long term relationships with your customers that is really important for overall success.

In fact, I would say that this same thing about taking time to build relationships is equally important in doing many things in life.  This is not just for business as it can apply to many other things, especially your goals that involve other people.  It’s about building good relationships with people who can help you achieve your goals.

Here’s the video below but do keep in mind that it is primarily aimed at my pharmaceutical industry audience even though I think it has motivational lessons applicable for life in general.  Hope you enjoy it and as always, leave comments if you want.


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  • Some individuals just don’t realize, like my coworker who couldn’t see the practical intention of this section on your post “… you will watch the video!But this motivational business story does have a happy ending and does illustrate an …” it makes me to look brighter after learning it.