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Great Tips For Success In College and University

We all know that getting decent grades are important for success in college or university.  However, there is a lot more to just grades when it comes to doing well in college and university - but do see college success for maximizing grades.  The following are some great tips to help you.

Lifestyle & Personal Balance For Success In College And University

Aiming for good grades doesn’t mean that you should spend 100% of your waking hours studying.  In fact, being a total bookworm is not recommended, as you will not develop the appropriate social skills for a successful career if you are constantly isolated in a study room.  You need a balance of studying, health and social in order to be a success in college or university.   You should still take some time to do sports or exercise.   Like study habits, it’s best to develop good fitness habits now because it will be darn hard later in life. If you don’t believe me, just take a good look outside or in a shopping mall.  What do you see?  Lots of unhealthy overweight people, right?  

If you want to keep having a healthy body for many years to come, you have to keep physically active.  It doesn’t matter whether you exercise through sports at school, outside clubs/leagues, with your friends or even on your own.   Just be active.  Find activities that you will enjoy.  If you don’t know what you like, try different things out.  You can play tennis, team sports like basketball, workout at one of the campus gyms, snowboard, do martial arts or even dance.  The options are endless on college and university campuses.   

Realize that one of the benefits of being on campus is that colleges and universities often have the best athletic facilities anywhere.  Take advantage of this fact as everything there is for your use.   Don’t be a slouch.  Make sure that you have a decent diet too.   Don’t overload yourself with junk food but don’t starve yourself either.  You need good fuel to provide energy for exercise.

Make time for a social life too.  Social interaction will of course help develop good skills for your future career.  Partying is okay but if too much partying is affecting your college or university grades, then you have to cut down.  Go ahead and party once your grades are back up but don’t let them sink again.   Stay out of trouble with the law.   Most colleges and universities have very strict rules regarding the use of illegal recreational drugs and crime.  You don’t want a criminal record to prevent you from having a successful future career.  It would be such a shame if you ruined your future career because you did something stupid that got you in trouble with the law, especially after all the hours and money you spent on college or university.

Attitude For Success In College And University

If you have time, consider part-time work during the school year and definitely work during the summers, in your related fields if possible.  Besides making some of your own extra spending money, you will learn to deal with different people.  You can only develop these people skills with interactions with others outside the classroom.  
This is why a well-rounded B+ average individual with good people skills, will do better rather than the A+ bookworm who has the personality of a doorknob.  Success in future careers will depend on a combination of intelligence and people skills rather than just intelligence alone.   Therefore, future employers will be more impressed with the well-rounded individual.    

One of the secrets to being a success in college or university is to pick up something new either through extracurricular activities or a course that’s outside of your usual program.  This will expand your horizons and you will be a more interesting person to talk to (don’t laugh, this characteristic will show up during your future job interviews).  Employers want to know how you are able to work with people, both inside and outside the company, especially from an emotional point of view.   This is known as emotional intelligence and is far more important than how well you scored on a school exam.  

Be open while you are at university or college.  These days, you will likely encounter students from different cultural backgrounds.  Learn to appreciate and even enjoy differences.  You may be in a future career where you have to deal with all types of people and this is an ideal place to learn how.  Indeed, dealing with diversity is one of the most important skills to learn for your future career no matter what field you plan to be in.  Again, this is all part of being a success in university and college.

For those of you who are on athletic scholarships, don’t quit your higher education.  If you are offered a pro contract before you graduate, consider finishing your degree during the off-season.  It’s better to be an educated athlete in the long run.  You need a backup plan just in case something stops your athletic career (such as serious career ending injuries) and an education will help you in your future career after you retire from pro sports.

Of course, you may choose to study in fields related to sports like physical education or sports physiology or a completely unrelated field to sports as well.  An example of this is Ken Dryden who was the star goaltender for the professional hockey team Montreal Canadians.  He chose to study law during his off seasons and became a lawyer after his retirement from professional hockey.

Finally, sit in on good external guest speakers on campus since they can teach you important skills that will help you become a success in college or university as well as after graduation.  External speakers can expose you to useful or entertaining content that you would not otherwise get in your regular classes or lectures.  They are usually free to attend and there will be no tests or exams based on what they speak about. See Clint Cora’s College Speaking Programs and refer him to your Student Activities staff to bring him into your college or university as a speaker.  

All of these tips will ensure that your college or university experience is well rounded, which gives you the most, benefits from your time on campus.  After all, college and university represents a significant investment in both money as well as your time so you want to make the most out of it for your future.   For other useful articles, see Successful In College Or University.

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