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September - 2009 

Sales Motivational Quotes

This month’s dose of motivation is one that took me years to finally realize but fortunately for me, I did become aware of it.  Here’s my quote that summarizes it in a nutshell for you this month.  It will certainly apply as sales motivational quotes to add to your collection.

One of the greatest secrets to any success involves people skills.

What exactly do I mean by ‘people skills’?

Well, I can safely say that after more than twenty years working in the corporate sector, I can say that school grades and even technical skills do not determine how successful a person will be professionally. 

Instead, the most important set of skills that will determine how far one will go in his or her career involves dealing with all sorts of different people, i.e., people skills.  The wider the range of others in terms of ages, cultures and company levels that you can deal with, the better your people skills are. 

This is a real eye-opener for students when I do college and youth talks.  Too often, there is so much emphasis on just getting good school grades, that 100% of a student’s focus is on studying.  Now, don’t get me wrong because grades are important.  I don’t want students to stop studying.  Grades will help get them to the next level but the thing is grades will not be the major factor that will determine how far people will go in their future careers.

It doesn’t matter which field it is whether it’s medicine, law, engineering, journalism, business, the arts, one of the trades or any other career.  The most successful individuals in each area are not necessarily the ones who had the highest school grades or the most technically gifted.  Instead, the top stars in each field are the ones with the best people skills. 

Unfortunately, people skills or ‘soft social’ skills as they are sometimes known, are not usually taught in classrooms at any educational level.  So many students who end up spending all their time and energies during their school years to maximize their grades do not end up with decent people skills.  In effect, their personal development was unbalanced too much towards pure academics.

Now, many people who are already in careers probably realize this already but may not have done much about it.  They soon realize that certain people are getting promoted while they are not.  The folks promoted may not always have the better skills or even the work experience but what they do have are superior people skills which is what managers need these days.

This happened to me.  When I graduated from university, my people skills were terrible.  As a result, I didn’t get many promotions during the first several years of my working career.  It was only when I finally realized the importance of people skills and took efforts to develop them as part of my own personal development, did I finally become promotion material.

If you find that you could use some improvement in your own people skills, then your honesty will serve you well.  It’s never too late to further develop your own people skills by taking seminars and workshops on communications and business etiquette.
Today’s business world is so much determined by working relationships between individuals, people skills will be one of the most important set of skills that anyone can ever develop for success.   This is why this month's statement should be among other good sales motivational quotes for your sales force to keep.

Until next month and keep learning,


Motivational Speaker, Personal Development Author & Karate World Champion

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